Sophia Analytis is a freelance Make-up Artist & Content Creator, living in Berlin


After 10 years of working in the conventional beauty industry, doing Make-up for Fashion Week, TV, special events and working on counter for maccosmetics, I gave myself a break after getting pregnant with my daughter.

In this oh so mind changing time I re-evaluated my approach to the beauty industry.

Including the way I approach Make-up and skin care.

After a long time of doing my research, looking into ingredients and the ethical standards of beauty brands,  I slowly but steadily switched my personal and my professional Make-up Kit to more natural and conscious brands.

I want to give my skin and my client's skin the highest quality products, because this, and no less, is what we deserve.


I started my Youtube channel "Powdered by misszophie" in 2010 when I was in my early 20s, and started posting on Instagram (@misszophie) in 2012.

Showing my audience how I do my Make-up on my face while struggling with severe acne. It was a daunting, yet freeing experience putting myself out there, resonating with so many people who were facing the same issues as me.

To this day, I still have to deal with mild adult acne, but found that using gentle products and a gentle approach to my self makes all the difference.


When I do Make-up I not only focus on my creative skills, but how I empathetically connect with the other person. It is my highest priority to make my client feel positive and beautiful in their skin.