MAKE-UP REVIEWS · 28. October 2021
Five Faves: Fall/Winter lipsticks
Seasons are changing, and so are the colors and textures of lipstick we are gravitating towards. Fall & winter just scream deeper, more saturated and sensual lipstick colors to me. Here are some of my faves.
MAKE-UP REVIEWS · 14. October 2021
Warm layers: Bronzer Edit for fall/winter
Even when it is cold outside we can still benefit from a whisper of warmth on our faces. Working in layers (first cream then powder) will just do the trick...
MAKE-UP REVIEWS · 18. September 2020
Tower 28 sky rocketed over the last couple of years and there is a good reason: Simple, yet beautiful design plus cream products that work like magic!
BEAUTY LOOKS · 22. August 2020
A lipgloss with a texture I have never seen or felt before. It kind of reminds me of glosses I've seen in the 2000s, but far more sophisticated. Find out why you need this black owned beauty product in your make-up bag.
MAKE-UP REVIEWS · 29. November 2019
I collected a summary of a couple of my green beauty favorites and gift ideas for you. I like to use Black Friday as a chance to stock up on my favorites or to buy gifts for Christmas. No need to overspend or buy blindly.
MAKE-UP REVIEWS · 08. April 2018
If you are looking for a long lasting, yet healthy and glowing looking foundation, look no further. I found the perfect one!
Recipes · 07. February 2018
Quick & easy doesn't always mean you'll have a bland & boring meal in front of you. This creamy and super delicious pea soup is the perfect example for a speedy meal, that leaves you completely satisfied.
MAKE-UP REVIEWS · 02. February 2018
It is time to give a shout-out to my absolute favorite highlighter: the rms luminizer quad. Four shades to mix and match your perfect glow!
Recipes · 29. November 2017
I love everything pasta, and when it comes to gnocchi I even go the extra mile and make them my own.
Recipes · 12. November 2017
Everything you wish for when those sweet cravings roll around - if you are in the market for some delicious vegan and glutenfree donuts, keep on reading!

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